Our History

F G Reynolds EquestrianAs the youngest daughter of a Waikato dairy family and the third generation to be raised on the Reynolds farm in Matamata, for Jenny, horses were in her blood. This is the story of a family that started and inspired a life-long passion.

Our story begins with great grandpa Reynolds. A pioneering farmer, he used a team of draught horses to farm his land and it was his son Fredrick George (known simply as George) that took charge of these magnificent beasts. Eventually George took over the farm and like his father raised a family there. It wasn't long before he noticed his eldest daughter Nola's (Jenny's mother) fascination with horses. To encourage her passion George built a horse box for the back of his truck and taught his wife to drive it so that Nola could attend local shows on her grey mare Kathy.

Nola married at 19 and raised her own family where unsurprisingly two of her daughters gravitated towards riding. Firstly just riding around the farm on a cheeky Shetland called Whiskey, Jenny and Wendy were then given their own ponies and attended pony club and competed at local events. Even though both girls gave up riding in their late teens the interest and passion for horses never died.

In her mid-forties, with her kids all grown up and her career in tailored clothing well-established, Jenny needed a new interest in her life. Remembering the joy of riding Jenny reignited her love for horses and purchased a paint gelding named Patch.

Immersing herself fully in the equestrian world, Jenny attended lots of local shows and eventually decided that Drag Hunting was the discipline she most enjoyed. Hunting merged her two passions - horses and tailoring, a vision transpired and F. G. Reynolds Equestrian was created, later to be re-named Horse & Home.